Domestic violence is a crime, a huge crime. Domestic violence is aimed at destroying the personality of the victim by giving him/her mental and physical suffering.

Domestic violence is any kind of abuse in domestic setting such as marriage or cohabitation. The abuser is also one of the family members living under the same roof but trying to make him/her superior over the other family members. Domestic violence lawyer Fort Lauderdale holds such individuals accountable under the law.

According to the law the abuser can be arrested at the spot without the need of arrest warrant, this clearly shows how huge and severe this crime is.

What are the causes of domestic violence?

Domestic violence is mainly done to control others by showing their negatively dominant behavior. This is done to physically control someone without their wish.

The main cause of the domestic violence is the mindset people have that domestic violence is acceptable, in fact it is not acceptable. This mindset has allowed many people around the world to try this method of controlling others and showing their dominance.

Other causes of domestic abuse are listed below:

• Substance abuse
• Unemployment
• Mental health problems
• Lack of coping skills
• Isolation
• Excessive dependence upon the abuser

These were the main causes of domestic violence that can lead any happy family into the abused one just because of the mental state of a single person.


To control domestic violence at first place is to minimize the causes that lead any individual into a domestic abuser. Availability of job and employment will prevent a person from undergoing into stress that leads to the thinking of harming others whoever tries to counsel them or help them.

Being a victim of domestic violence, it is better to consult domestic violence attorney Boca Raton if you live in Florida.