Travel in style, travel with dassault falcon

The world-famous dassault falcon contain an excellent reputation for their great passenger capacity, this French company named DassaultAviation specializes in bringing us wide and unique style planes, without losing its lightweight and speed.
The planes for sale company has a line or “family” as they call it, of aircraft of this stigma, and it is expected that for subsequent years many more will be manufactured.

The falcon in particular up to the present time, has ten different models that are the falcon 10.20, falcon guardian who is the successor of the Falcon 20, was used a lot by the US Coast Guard. UU, the Falcon 30 which is one of the largest for its capacity for 30 people, the falcon 40,50,900,2000,7X and 8X.
These types of aircraft are very popular in North America and Europe, breaking 66% and 27% usability respectively, their prices range on the AeroSearcher website between $ 285,000 which would be a model 10 of the year 1979 or $ 3,248,000 which would be its most recent model of 2016 called 8X which is currently the fastest and widest in its class.
AeroSearcher is known for its easy comparison in old or sophisticated aircraft of the year, and this type of aircraft is not far behind, it is even much requested for its large space, many of its owners maintain it as originally created in a factory with a large number of seats or others modify it to your liking, including even a kind of room.
If you want air planes for sale at excellent quality and a good price, then AeroSearcher is your best option in this type of aircraft or the one you specifically want. The website today brings a wide variety of falcon aircraft, from its first model to its most recent model, completely new and accident-free.
The way to acquire this type of aircraft is by contacting the seller and doing business for this beast of the air, checking its upholstery, color, engine, and other accessories that expert eyes know very well.