Do you like bonuses? Then get the best in this bitcoin exchange

The most attractive thing about a game is the bonuses that are offered to its punters. After offering a great reward, people feel motivated to win the game and spend a great time trying hard.
Despite this, many websites have not changed their theme or bonuses, becoming boring for users, who want to enjoy something different bitcoin exchange rate from what has been seen.
If this is your case and you want something fun and out of the ordinary, then you should know what BitKong has for you.

A website that has been active since 2009 and manages an advanced security system so that the results are not manipulated, a worrying issue in users when playing on other websites and the most curious thing is that you can earn bitcoin exchange.
Any person, of legal age, can easily enter and register. Each bitcoin exchange offers very attractive and fun bonuses, with excellent percentages in your favor, it’s just a matter of daring to start playing.
The website offers you a jackpot, the goal of all players, according to your bet you will win a percentage of this. 1% from 50 points, 10 from 500 points, 100% from 5000 points.
If you manage to win the jackpot, you must have a rank equal to 7. You can also win the reimbursement, if you choose the hero level you will get a percentage of 0.05; the master level of 0.1, legend level of 0.15, and the king of 0.3. These refunds are calculated based on your bets and are delivered in the form of credit || in a span of approximately 24 hours.
You can also opt for magic chests! These come in 3 presentations, being gold, silver, and black. According to your bet, the bonus of these chests are given to users in a period of 1 to 5 days
You can enjoy the free Faucet mode, from the master level. This is not valid for those who use browsers in incognito mode, proxy servers, or VPN.
There are many ways to win free bitcoin exchange and in a fun way, enter now and get great profits.