Tip For Maintenance Of CCTV For Business

Technology has given us many options to tighten our security. The modern CCTV camera is one of the most useful gifts of technology. Various security services make use of CCTV for security purposes. However, one needs to take care of this system to make it fluently functional over a long period. The experts from the CCTV department have given few tips for the maintenance of CCTV for businesses.

Tips for maintenance of CCTV camera
• The lens of CCTV must be clean & clear to form a clear image in the database. One should always blow the compressed air on the lens to clean it thoroughly. This will remove any dirt or dust particles on the lens, which would have blurred the image.
• Apply cleaning solution at the edges of the lens. Use the tissue if required. Cleaning the lens using a tissue. Make slow circular motion starting from the center to the edge of the lens. This will clean the lens.
• For wiping the lens, use a dry tissue & repeat the circular process starting from the center to edge. This is necessary as dust accumulates faster on wet lenses. You can brush off the camera lens using a photo lens brush. Make sure the brush is gentle on the lens to avoid any scratch.
• To clean the dirt or dust particles from the back of the CCTV camera, put a few drops of alcohol on a cotton swab. Rub this swab at the back of the camera into the coax cable connection. This will sweep all the dirt accumulation.
• Remove the video cable from the TV as well. Any short circuit at the time of maintenance may hamper the connected device as well. However, you can carefully use distilled water & alcohol for cleaning the cable near the TV set.

The above tips from CCTV experts will help you to keep your CCTV working for a long item. It will prove to be a fine aid for security systems.